Rites of Spring

The east side of Tioga Pass road opened this week, allowing backcountry skier’s access to hundreds, nay, thousands of acres of high-altitude terrain.  With this annual rite of spring comes the requisite stop or stops at the Whoa Nellie Deli, perhaps the best gas station cuisine to be had in California, if not the Western U.S.

Lobster taquitos at the Whoa Nellie Deli

Thanks to a meeting change for N, we were able to get down there this weekend, and while the weather gods chased the sun away sooner than we expected today, we still found terrific corn snow off False White.  And it’s hard to complain when you start the day out like this.


The dog, as per usual, was thrilled to be out skiing, and freaked out with more vim than usual.  So it came as no surprise that she was eager to get back into her lair in the back of the truck afterward.

Top off the morning with a stop at the Buckeye hot springs for a quick soak and it made for a great day in the Eastern Sierra.