33 Dresses, or when life gives you radiation

I have this friend, Elissa. I’ve known her since elementary school. She’s always been ambitious and chock-full of ideas – the type of person who can brainstorm a friend’s career path over lunch and then come up with a new business plan by dinner.  She’s both inspiring and optimistic. Despite our clearly opposite personalities, we’ve remained friends all this time.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. Faced with 33 days of radiation, she started a project. She’s calling it 33 dresses. As her site (and the above video, created by another good friend) states, 33 dresses is “a celebration of living our lives no matter what”. Whether it’s digging out the dresses you’re saving for a special occasion, calling that old friend you’ve not seen in months, or trying that yoga class you’ve been too busy (or intimidated) to try, 33 dresses is all about celebrating life. However you define it. Starting next week, I’ll be joining Elissa in her 33 days of radiation, and inviting anyone interested to come along for the ride.

I’m using this as an opportunity to break out the special opal earrings N gave me years ago that I rarely wear because I worry about losing them. Along with one of the fabulous vintage dresses I’ve collected over the years but rarely wear (it’s Tahoe, after all). While drinking that latte.

Won’t you join us?

Risks and rewards

This video of a badass (and adorable) fourth grade girl on her first ‘big’ ski jump is awesome on so many levels.  For me it serves as a powerful reminder that taking risks does pay off, and that I’m capable of much more than I think I am.

I’ll be keeping this video in the back of my mind later this month as I compete as part of the SheJumps team at the Ability Challenge (a Disabled Sports USA Far West fundraiser, which you should totally donate to if you have not already) at Alpine Meadows.

Rock on Zia!