I’m five, I’m five!

I’ve had a bit of a fickle relationship with blogging over the years, trying out a few  hosting sites, names and blog titles until I came to my senses and committed to WordPress earlier this year.  Not long ago I came across some posts from my very first attempt at blogging, and imported them here, creating a bit of confusion for my one subscriber.

These posts date back five years, which is a bit of a surprise.  I knew I’d been kvetching online for some time, but 5 years?  Sadly the first thing that came to mind was Barbra Streisand’s song (bad quality vid of it above) of the same name, which either speaks volumes for my long-term memory, or illustrates that I’m more of a Babs fan than I realize.

Happy anniversary to me.  Five candles is definitely doable, moreso than the candles that will be on the upcoming birthday cake!