Bad Ass Women Redux

It’s been a disappointing start to the winter here, to say the least.  Endorphin hunting has trumped powder hunting, at least for now.  So while I wait until my secret mission takes me to powder snow, I’ve been finding inspiration in Lynsey Dyer’s all-women ski movie fundraiser on Kickstarter.  As well as in Rachael Burke’s Female Wolfpack video (below).

I’m not a fundraiser or group-hug type typically, but Lynsey’s project is something that resonates with me, after having seen many, MANY ski movies over the years that offer a single token female skier/snowboarder at best.  If you’re a skier, or a woman,  both, or neither, I ask you to consider supporting this project at whatever level you can.

And if you can, a snow dance (or six) would be appreciated too!

Wannabe Badass

A  few weeks ago I was asked if I wanted to play roller derby by a guy who’s in the swim class I coach.  While I first thought it was because I have big shoulders (good for shoving?) it was more because I play sports. Apparently the team is always looking for more players with athletic backgrounds.   His wife is on the team, and he figured that since I have bleached hair and silver Dr. Marten boots, I’d maybe be more interested in it than some of the more jam-band loving hippie types that tend to populate mountain towns, who might not find appeal in derby.

I got on skates for the first time in 20+ years on Tuesday, and was surprised by how quickly it came back and how much damn fun it was.  Today’s practice was only my second, but instead of being relegated to wobbling around the perimeter of the track I was invited to try to keep up with the Tahoe Derby Dames as they practiced for their upcoming bout next Saturday.  This involved skating fast around the track as they scrimmaged, pushed and occasionally fell.  I skated relatively fast, but avoided the whole pushing and falling thing, as that’s a bit beyond my comfort zone.

To be honest I’m more scared of the tiny shorts that comprise the team uniform than the actually contact sport part of it.  I fall skiing and mountain biking, but I don’t tend to embrace tight things on my bottom half.  Heck, even my speedo swimsuit is baggy.  So that will my mental hurdle to overcome.