All Tahoe Clothing Swap

all tahoe clothing swap

Better than a thrift store because it’s all free.

The ski season ended on a whimper this year, and that, coupled with a knee issue that cropped up in March, translated into less skiing and more mountain biking the past two months.  It’s also encouraged me to put energy into other activities.  Such as the All Tahoe Clothing Swap which was held last week at the American Legion in South Lake Tahoe.

A quick step back – I’m a founding member of the Tahoe chapter of the Girls Drinking Club (GDC), a loosely organized group of professional women who don’t feel they need to hide their love of wine behind books, or crafts, or whatever.  We get together weekly at various locations in South Lake Tahoe, usually places with Happy Hour specials, simply to hang out and relax over some drinks and snacks.

It was during one such GDC meeting that we came up with the idea of an All Tahoe Clothing Swap.   The concept was simple – take the concept of a clothing swap, where people trade clothes, and put it on steroids.  Throw in an entry donation of few canned goods to help out Christmas Cheer, a local nonprofit that helps the hungry, and voila, it becomes a fun event with a philanthropic twist.

So the clothing donation part was the one wild card for us – would we generate enough clothing to support those that showed up?  We did…in spades.  My friend Lauren offered up her store’s racks for use at the event so the swap felt more like a thrift store and less like a garage sale.    She also sorted and hung most of the items, which made the swap feel more like a pop-up store.

We can safely say the event was a success.  Tons of folks showed up, lots of clothing was taken away, and plenty of canned goods were provided.  In addition, the extra clothing was split between a few local organizations that need clothing donations.

If you missed this year’s event, don’t worry.  We’ll be doing this again next year – definitely.  And if you know of a free space that we could use to organize clothing, please let me know!

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