swimming lake tahoe

Looks cold from up here…

It’s been sort of a strange year here, one where I’ve seen more than a few reminders about life being short.  I’ve tried to use these reminders as an impetus to try new things that might be outside my comfort zone (see: 33 Dresses).

So when my swimming buddy came to me and asked me if I’d be available to do the 2.4 mile swim leg of a distance relay triathlon being held at Lake Tahoe in August, I knew I had to say yes, if only because such an opportunity doesn’t come around all that often, not in the town where I live.   Plus, life is short, so why not scare challenge myself?

Yup.  I’m doing it.  All I need now is a wetsuit.  And some time actually swimming in the lake before August 25th.

4 thoughts on “swimming lake tahoe

  1. Hey Jenn! I have some wetsuits if you need them. And earplugs – I find those are pretty essential. Back, so let’s ride bikes… though I’m sure you’ll kick my ass since I just read about some of your exploits!

    • Thanks so much! I did buy a wetsuit, and have earplugs too. Def would like to ride with you now that you’re back!

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