Star Lake in June

Star Lake in June

the earliest I’ve seen the snow melt up here, but I’m not complaining!

So, it’s nearly summer.  Signs of it are evident here. Temps in the ‘70s, longer days, more pronounced allergies, and the removal (finally!) of the cover at the public pool.  The bike trails are mostly melted out here too, even after a second round of snow that hit early last week, which means it’s time to start riding up in order to ride down.

Last weekend I headed up to Star Lake via the new-last-summer connector trail.  It’s an incredibly efficient way to climb up to 9200 feet, and I give huge kudos to the team that built it, because I love not feeling utterly spent by the time I reach the top.  It’s well worth the effort, whether you ride uphill for the views, for the descent, or for a combination of the two.

I will admit it felt a bit odd to be up there in shorts in early June.  Typically this doesn’t melt out until July, and last year I think it only melted out in August.  But, given this winter, I’m taking advantage of what will no doubt be a long mountain bike season here.

Since it was my first long-ish ride of the season, I descended the way I came, Star Lake to Cold Creek, which is a super fun descent ranging from rocky technical stuff to buffed out turns to switchbacks. But there are so many *other* possibilities from Star Lake, whether you ride the Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT) over Freel Pass to Armstrong or onto Toad’s (or for the super ambitious, onto Big Meadow and the Christmas Valley Downhill), or head back towards Nevada on the TRT over Monument Pass, and either continue along the Rim to Spooner, or descend Van Sickle to civilization (and a much needed beer).

Suffice to say, with options like these out my front door, I’m finding it hard to rally to travel anywhere with my mountain bike.  At least for the time being.

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