May distractions

5 of 33 dresses

5 of 33 dresses

It’s been a weird month, an otherwise routine one that has been punctuated by periodic not-so-good news.  As such the work-life-play balance has been a little askew.  I’ve tried to figure out where the sadness and worry fit in, and you know what? They don’t.  They just permeate everything, like the persistent yellow film of tree pollen that we’ll be seeing here soon.

So distraction has been important.  My friend’s project, 33 dresses, has helped.  At the very least it’s encouraged me to pull out and iron some much neglected dresses.  And apparently there are a few friends who don’t believe I have that many dresses, so they’re no doubt checking my photos with an eagle eye to confirm there is no duplication.

Other distractions right now include the ants that have decided to stake their claim in the kitchen, the local adventure race I signed up for – despite not being a big fan of jumping through fire, and my new found obsession with snack mix with nori.

And as we close out the month with (what I hope is a quiet) holiday weekend, I’m hoping that June is a decidedly drama-free month.  I know that I’m not the only one who could use that.

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