No April Fool’s Joke

April powder snow at Lake Tahoe

Best April Fool's day ever.

12-21 inches of powder – the light and dry ‘white room’ kind- fell at Lake Tahoe yesterday, making today a very memorable (if busy) day at the ski resorts. Despite the hoards of hungry powder-seekers, we were able to find fresh tracks most of the day, though admittedly we did spend our afternoon in a secluded backcountry location.

This storm – heck, this week’s storms – have helped make March a true miracle this year. Snow totals for the month are upwards of 100 inches, making up for some of the pain felt here this season. And with a few more weeks to the ski season (first resort closings are April 15), it’s not a bad time to make hay (or ski tracks) while the ski lifts are still running.

2 thoughts on “No April Fool’s Joke

  1. Hey, any interest in a leisurely ski this weekend. Start off slow and taper off; it’s the only kind of tour I do any more.


    • I only have one speed, and it’s not fast! Yes, definitely interested. Will email you once I chat with the trail-breaker. 🙂

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