Winter finally arrived.


You might have heard.  Lake Tahoe finally got snow.  Apparently as much as six feet as of today!  This is great news, and means that the ski resorts are opening lifts and terrain as fast as they can.

No surprise that I got out to product test this weekend.  Real snow, some off-trail excitement and even a few powder turns made for a fun few days.  But it was also a painful reminder that I’m going to be in a world of hurt on our upcoming backcountry ski trip.  Seven days with no training?  Clearly I’m more optimistic than I think.

A day at Heavenly

I had hoped to get some super awesome snow photos over the weekend.  But I didn’t.  Blame the light, my cold hands, my pent up need to simply ski. But you get it.  Snow at lake level isn’t something we’ve seen much of in awhile, and it’s done a lot for morale, even if some of the side roads were a bit of a circus today, and even if it appeared that everyone forgot how to drive in winter conditions.

But still.  Tomorrow we will ski, and even if I don’t stop to take any super awesome – or super mediocre – photos, it will be a terrific day. Winter’s back baby!

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