Fini, les vacances

We’re just back from two weeks in France (with a brief stopover in London). It was truly a vacation, as I shut off my work email and didn’t do much besides catch up with old friends, revisit old ‘hoods, speak mangled French and eat a lot of cheese.

I’ll be posting more later this week, once the unwanted souvenirs (jet lag, head cold) subside. But there is one souvenir I will share with you, since I hit the FNAC pretty hard while in Grenoble.  Claude Francois might not be as well known as, say, Yves Montand or Jacques Brel, but he (and his backup dancers, the Claudettes) has a place in French pop, if a decidedly kitsch one.  Surprisingly (or not), his stuff isn’t so easy to find in the U.S.  Go figure.

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