CSA challenges (aka when life gives you watermelons)

watermelon feta salad

Palatable watermelon salad

We’re typically not picky eaters, but there are a few fruits and vegetables that we do not seek out voluntarily.  No surprise that those particular items seem to find their way into our CSA half share more often than not.

We got through the first challenge, the beet phase earlier this summer by oven roasting them and eating them with (a lot of) blue cheese.  They weren’t too bad that way, though I’ll still take a golden beet over one of the deep red ones any day.  And far prefer kale to either.

While many aren’t fans of fennel, I actually like it roasted, and even made some pesto with the generous fronds that we’ll use on some fish or lobster ravioli down the line.  The fennel was hardly a challenge, though the tofu ricotta that became part of the faux-talian pasta dish was an experiment, albeit one that turned out far better than expected.

Our latest challenge is watermelon (I blame my issues with this fruit on one too many watermelon eating contests as a kid).  Even though it was the only fruit we received this week, and even though I diligently sliced it up for easier eating, the two large zip-lock bags were essentially untouched by week’s end.  Since we had nothing else left, I realized it was time to go to the Internet for some inspiration, in order to find a way to use it such that it didn’t taste, well, like watermelon.  Who knew that it went so well with feta cheese? Turns out it also pairs beautifully with arugula, but if you, like me, don’t have ready access to that elitist green, spinach works well too.  Make sure to remove the seeds from the watermelon, add some sliced red onion, crumbled feta, balsamic vinaigrette, and if you’re feeling extra sassy, a handful of toasted pistachio nuts, et voila – dinner is served.

The best part? It didn’t taste watermelon-y at all.  Just summery.

So bring it on CSA.  It’s clear I can handle anything you throw my way.

5 thoughts on “CSA challenges (aka when life gives you watermelons)

  1. You can also cut it into cubes, throw them in the freezer and add to a tall glass of with a sprig of mint. A very pretty drink. Even better with a hefty splash of vodka.

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