What summer tastes like

Blue cheese, tomato & pesto pizza

Because I was tired, and actually thought ahead  and had pizza crust on hand, I made CSA pizza tonight topped with pesto I made from an earlier batch of basil, cherry tomatoes (which admittedly were not part of this week’s box, but it’s AUGUST already, and these were the first tomatoes I’ve had) and blue cheese.  Coupled with the last of the tri-color beans tossed in vinaigrette, it tasted like summer, but yet felt slightly bittersweet.  After all, school starts soon, Labor Day is around the corner and yet here, the snow only just melted out at the highest elevations.

I love winter, so I’m already looking forward to the possibilities, but for many locals who are less winter-philes than I am, there’s probably a lot more significance to every summer tomato they eat.

But for me, it just meant that I’ve got a lot of tomato eating to do before the snow starts falling.

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