Random Acts of Fun (the Culture Edition)

Tahoe Sunset

Typically our random acts of fun (RAF) veer more towards outdoor play – skiing, mountain biking, etc.  But we do appreciate the less demanding forms of fun (see: wine walks, Lake Tahoe Shakespeare).  Music on the Beach is one such example that we look forward to each year.

For the past three summers, the folks at Tahoe Lakeshore Lodge have hosted musicians for free sunset concerts on its beach.  If, like us, you don’t live on the lake, and tend to engage in activities that are in the mountains versus on the water, these evenings are a way to appreciate that large body of water.

Martin & Vargas perform on Music on the Beach

It’s open to visitors and locals alike, though it tends to be the latter that we see there (which means I see more than a few familiar faces).  The performances vary, but we look forward to seeing Martin & Vargas perform.  Nuevo flamenco goes very well with sand, lapping water and the setting sun.

Last night was our first concert, and we invited a few friends who’d never experienced it before, and they clearly appreciated it (and the pan of coconut dream bars that I brought) as they stayed even after I had to drag my tired self home.  But I did manage to stay for the sunset, which I see as the centerpiece (finale?) of the evening.

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