Tahoe Outdoor Evenings


Part of the reason I love going to Music on the Beach and Lake Tahoe Shakespeare performances is because the venue – Tahoe outdoors – is so stunning.  Sunsets, mountains, and that large body of water make for a scenic evening.  So you’d think that I’d have attended tons of the live performances offered at Harveys Outdoor Arena, right? (Or at least listened to them in the neighboring parking lot.)

Not so much.  Whether it’s my inherent inability to pay more than $50 $40 $30 for a ticket, or the fact that I’m not so much a Sammy Hagar or Lady Antebellum fan, I’ve never been to a concert at Harveys.

Until a friend of mine offered me some free tickets to see Allison Krause & Union Station last night.   Which I graciously accepted.  And proceeded to have a thoroughly enjoyable evening with N.

The arena is not bad considering it’s a parking lot the other three seasons.  We had great seats (I could see the performers facial features, which is close in my book), and the handy VIP bracelets we received provided other benefits…like nicer restrooms and the ability to leave and re-enter the venue at will.

Would I go again – and pay?  It would need to be a band that I’m more interested in, but I’m doubtful that Stereo Totale or Thievery Corporation would make that marquee.

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