The CSA Project: Year 2

CSA bounty

The South Lake Tahoe CSA  started 3 weeks ago.  Color me excited.  Why, you ask?

  • I like supporting a local farm
  • It forces me to try vegetables I wouldn’t otherwise
  • I don’t have to think about produce shopping for 20 weeks.

That last reason has become more of a benefit than I realized.   It’s nice to not schedule shopping into my week, instead relying on what is in the box.  Call it MacGyver cooking (not to be confused with MacGruber cooking).

Stephanie, the lovely owner at Sacred Paths Farm, has provided us with some recipe suggestions, but I’m definitely a ‘see what the search engines pull up’ type of improviser, especially for radishes.  This is not a vegetable that I am naturally attracted to.  But I am gradually learning to appreciate its mustardy flavor, and how it holds its shape when thinly sliced into a salad.  I learned that it’s not bad sautéed in butter and linguine.  I have yet to eat it with butter and salt, but that might be the next iteration with this week’s bounty.

Orzo with kale, zucchini & peasNow that summer is finally here, I’m less interested in turning on the stove.  So last week I opted for a kitchen sink pasta dish, otherwise known as the “it’s way too hot to turn on more than one burner” dish.  I tossed thinly sliced kale, fresh peas that were simply too sweet to cook, julienned zucchini (a non CSA item admittedly), and orzo in a lemon-shallot vinaigrette.  We topped it with parmesan, because I had no feta in the house.

Simple? Yes, but with such great produce it seems a shame to overcook.  Plus, fewer dishes to clean up is never a bad thing.

This week’s CSA challenge is beets.  Again, not a favorite, but I have a secret recipe to try. One developed for the non-beet lovers of the world.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

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