Epic Spring

Feels like Rock Creek

After an amazing winter at Lake Tahoe, it’s now time to reap the spring corn.  Alas, when one buys a new house, there’s a fair bit of work associated with both it and the old house, especially when said old house is going to become a rental.   We’ve managed to get some touring in, including a fun day on Jake’s with a group of new friends, but this weekend’s weather was unsettled enough (warm on Saturday, snow on Sunday) for us to reevaluate our backcountry plans.  Instead, we broke out the mountain bikes and headed east, to Carson City.

Snow capped peaks, wildflowers & singletrack

I’d heard of the Ash Canyon trail through Jeff Moser at the Bike Carson blog, and had wanted to ride it for some time.  Given that there’s still snow on the lower trails here in South Lake Tahoe, we figured an exploratory day was in order. The trail system there, while not as long as, say the TRT, offers a few different singletrack loops that include a fair bit of climbing, expansive views, wildflowers and fun descents.   Since I’d not been on a mountain bike in about 6 months, the distance, climbing and technical aspects were just about perfect for me.  Nils had been on this trail before, so he suggested a few loops, including one along a creek that reminded me a bit of the lower Rock Creek Trails near Mammoth. All told we rode a little over 10 miles in about 2 and a half hours – a perfect first ride of the season.

Of course, I did manage to fall off my bike on an uphill section of trail when I wobbled and got stuck on a rock.   Luckily it was just a bunch of surface cuts, and just proved that my recent investment in longer bike shorts was money well spent.  And that I clearly need to spend more time on my bike.

But last night’s snow will probably delay the second ride.  At least until things warm up a smidge.

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