Inadvertent snow-chasers

Not exactly roughing it.

Apparently that’s what we’ve become.  My birthday trip in January was well-timed with the spring thaw we saw here, and last week’s business trip to Beaver Creek was similarly fortuitous.  While many of my fellow-conference goers were stranded in Denver last Sunday, thanks to the closure of both I-70 and the nearby Eagle airport, Nils and I enjoyed some fast-accumulating powder snow on Beaver Creek Resort’s more advanced terrain.

We returned on Wednesday evening, just as a fast-moving storm blew into Tahoe.  Cold temps (8 F Friday morning!) meant the snow stayed light and dry, and was still nice on Saturday – and even today.

A return to more seasonal spring weather this week means that I probably won’t have too many  more days on my fat skis this season.  But I’m not complaining, as it’s been a phenomenal run.  Plus, having recently bought a new house, I really should be focusing on the cleaning, packing & moving stuff, and not playing so much.

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