Endless Powder

After a bit of a lull in the storm cycles (which was timed perfectly for my recent trip to Redding), Tahoe returned to winter last week, just in time for my brother’s visit.   Like me, he’s a passionate skier, and has worked hard to share his love of the sport with his family.  So he was pretty stoked to encounter all this untracked deep snow throughout the weekend, though he’s not accustomed to breathing through the face shots.

Smiling because I didn't break trail

They left on Monday, and with one day of non-snow in the forecast for Tuesday, Nils and I decided to see what backcountry powder conditions were like.  We knew that there had been wind loading and instability in the snow layers, so we agreed to go only as high as we felt was prudent.  Nils even broke out his inclinometer app for this trip, and proved that I know very little about geometry and angles, as I overestimated every slope measurement he took.  Clearly I don’t ski real steep terrain anymore.

Nils gets first tracks

For all its depth (and it was deep), the snow felt more stable than expected, with no cracking or whumping sounds.  We did see some wind loading towards the top, but stayed away from exposed ridgelines for that very reason.

Powder turns on the descent were so fun that we did another lap off the top before heading down the bonus run.  Nils’ captured a few of the turns on the first lap, and since I’ve learned to slow down a bit, you actually do see me in the frames.

More snow through Friday night (and another storm forecast for Saturday/Sunday) means that there will be some deep trailbreaking by the weekend…

2 thoughts on “Endless Powder

  1. I see you’re rocking the tele skis there. What happened to that new AT rig?

    Looking forward to some spring turns in the Tahoe area in early to mid April.


    • AT is *only* for spring touring (or under duress). Just to be clear, I am and will always be a telemark skier. Just one who happens to own an AT set up for those firm May tours. 😉

      Look forward to making some spring (powder?) turns with you soon.

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