Making an effort

I suppose it would be natural to become jaded after so many big storms this winter.  “What, it’s not over a foot of cold-smoke fresh snow? Meh.”

I’ll admit I was a bit on the fence on Thursday, after a warm storm left nearly a foot snow at the higher elevations in South Lake Tahoe, but nothing more than an inch of wet sludgy snow in the driveway.  If I don’t have to shovel, I tend not to go skiing – call it my version of the six-inch rule.

However, Nils convinced me to go out to Heavenly to make a few turns with him.  After all, it had been awhile since we’d resort skied together, what with his travel and illness.  I’m so glad we did.  It was colder and deeper than I expected, and given the lack of people out, I’m guessing many people had similar thoughts of ‘why bother?’.

Worth making the effort

Why bother indeed.

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