Mammoth Sentimental

Skiing with the family at Mammoth, 2009

Mammoth Mountain holds a very special place in my heart.  I spent my formative years learning to ski there, with numerous holiday weekends with my family at Warming Hut II.  I remember poma lifts, cute ski instructors with feathered hair, and the excitement of finally learning how to make a stem Christie turn.  It was a heady period for my 9-year-old self.

Years later, I met Nils there, right outside McCoy Station.

So, you could say that I owe Dave McCoy a huge thank you for so much.   I told him as much years back when he signed my copy of Tracks of Passion, but I was reminded of this again today when I came across his blog, which is a blend of historical photos from the early years of Mammoth Mountain and more recent photos that he’s taken.  Even if you’re not an Eastern Sierra nut like I am, it’s worth checking out.

It’s one more way for me to thank the man that has clearly had a large influence on the path I’ve taken.

One thought on “Mammoth Sentimental

  1. interesting photos of old Mammoth. I tried but could not locate myself in my 1970″s stretch pants off loading chair 23. As for the old folks skiing powder, give us a chance;

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