There’s no such thing as too much snow

After a painful dry spell, the snow goblet overfloweth this month.  With just a few days to recover from the storms that dropped over 100 inches of snow, Lake Tahoe got hit again, this time with a cold storm that brought sub-zero temps along with insanely light snow.  Three to five feet of it depending where you were.  (And there’s more in this week’s forecast!)

Nils wasn’t supposed to be in town for this storm, but European travel resulted in jet lag which resulted in him getting sick, which meant he canceled his next business trip.  Unfortunately he was too sick to do much, including ski.  So while he ingested hot liquids and slept, I skied.  And shoveled.

The liquid and sleep must have helped, because by Sunday he agreed to take a lap with me in our go-to backcountry tour.  It’s one of those visible trail heads that always seem to have numerous cars parked there, so we assumed there would be an uptrack 36 hours after the storm.  Oddly enough, there wasn’t, so we ended up breaking trail until some other skiers caught up with us.  It was well worth it, and this time I have proof.  Nils kindly offered to shoot some POV footage with his headcam, and while it’s clear I need to ski slower next time, the video gives a good feel for the sheltered trees that we spend a lot of time skiing.  (Note: Ignore the cheesy music – my first time with painfully slow video editing software that has a penchant for crashing, and this template was one of the few that didn’t bring down my laptop.)

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