Jaw-dropping storm totals

3 days of snow accumulation

The storm, she continues, and with much intensity. Since late Tuesday night (really, Wednesday morning), the Tahoe ski resorts have seen up to 106 inches of snow at the upper elevations.  That’s almost NINE FEET.

And while my local resort, Heavenly, doesn’t typically see as much snow as Kirkwood or Alpine Meadows, it still received five feet of snow as of today.  I’ve done a bit of product testing the past few days, and cannot keep count of the face shots and over the head blower powder turns.  Suffice to say it’s been good – stupid good. My cheeks hurt from my permagrin.

No action pics to share here.  Too busy skiing in the moment to capture the moment.  But there is the latest photo of N’s truck, which I’m using as a snow gauge to show him when he returns this weekend.  Just so he fully understands how much snow me (and the dog) had to clear on our own.

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