When efficiency counts

If you’re passionate about powder snow, you know that sometimes a bit of planning and work is needed to get to the ski resorts on a powder day.  Today was one such day.  A wet storm system dumped up to 32 inches of new snow at the Lake Tahoe ski resorts, with 8-10 inches at lake level.  It was the kind of snow that requires a high-clearance vehicle to avoid getting stuck on the roads, and a strategic approach to deciding which resort to ski.

We have a system for powder days.  Up early to shovel the driveway and determine if the truck, our high-clearance savior, needs to be dug out, then check weather, road conditions and the ski resort snow phones.  Make sure the gear and other necessities are loaded (got your ski pass? Avy beacon? Extra gloves?), and in cases like today, gun the engine to make sure there’s enough momentum to carry us down the unplowed street and through any berms to the plowed safety of a more major road.

It takes work to get it all done (and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that there are days when a pre-6 am alarm is tough to hear), but when we’re in line early for first (or one of the first) lift, it’s well worth it.

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