Tahoe storm cycle hilarity

Well, the storm is here, and while many folks wish it were a few degrees cooler, it’s definitely snowing if you’re in the sweet spot elevation, which at this exact moment in time could be anywhere between 7000 – 7500 feet.  Apparently there’s a bit of a battle between air currents, and Alaska’s not kicking Hawaii’s butt with the aggression we need.  This explains the Armageddon like warnings about having sandbags, water and an extra side of beef on hand.

That said, we did go skiing today.  For something different, we headed to Heavenly’s Nevada side.  It’s snow report indicated 20 inches in 24 hours, and we knew that its higher elevation meant a lesser chance of encountering rain-soaked snow.  It didn’t rank up there with the best snow of the season, but it was fast snow, it was fun (it was skiing!), and there were very few people there.  That meant no lift lines and limited areas we could access off the 3 open lifts weren’t tracked out right away.

The snow being what it was, with interesting layers and a crust in places, you had to be on your game on your skis.  The slightest hint of imbalance, and well, you were going down, usually with enough speed to induce whiplash.  On every lift ride up, we saw at least one person on their back feebly moving their skis in the air in an effort to clamber out of the snow.  My giggling tempted karma, as it later happened to me after I went over a small rollover faster than I realized.  Wha-BAM.  Because I never to anything halfway, I found myself with a bleeding lip and a dazed expression when I finally untangled myself.  Luckily, Nils did witness the magic as it happened.  Unfortunately, he had no video camera to capture the incident.

But snow is snow, and stormy days are my favorite days, even if I’m required to dress in a silly amount of layers to keep warm.

The battle of the non-contiguous states is expected to continue through Monday, with the potential for a lot of snow, snain or rain.  I’ve got money that Alaska will win out, though the realist in me is wearing my waterproof jacket the next few days.

One thought on “Tahoe storm cycle hilarity

  1. oh man, Kirkwood’s snow was no different. When it became apparent that nothing was going to open, Trout and I decided that 2 runs were good enough to make a day. As we rode up the lift cracking up at all the folks eating it all over the mountain below us, I discovered that I was the one laughing with them instead of at them as I did the same thing on my first turn. Heavy wet snow = straight lining necessity. Any amount of aggressive turning just left you with a face full!

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