Timing is everything

Amazing what a cell phone can capture

Mother Nature’s timing has been spot-on this season.  Yesterday’s storm and subsequent bluebird day today happened after  I had finished various larger projects, including a social media workshop I presented at in Carson Valley yesterday, as well as a social media class I just finished teaching at the local community college.

While last night’s drive back from the Carson Valley was a bit spicy, I figured that it was a necessary sacrifice to ski powder.  Ski resorts around Lake Tahoe were crowing about the snowfall this morning, so I knew I had to get out for a few hours in the name of ‘product testing’.  After a wet start yesterday, I was stoked to find very fluffy, very cold powder snow at Heavenly.   Coverage for this time of year is remarkable, and I’m still a bit shocked that I was able to ski multiple runs down Gunbarrel without hitting any major rocks.  I even skied some other areas that I typically don’t attempt until well later in the season, and the light, dry powder snow hid no rocks or other ski-damaging obstacles.  Quelle chance!

Telemarking in powder = fun

It’s unusual for me to bring my camera and actually try to take photos of people skiing, as I’m one that doesn’t have the patience to faff around, especially when there’s powder snow to ski.  However, in an effort to actually provide images both for this blog and for some other projects, I decided to try to remember to take photos.  Given my lack of skill, and the fact that much of the best snow was in the shaded trees, most pictures aren’t worth posting here.  But it’s a start, however small.

There’s a much bigger storm forecast to arrive for the weekend, and I’ve decided that if it actually delivers what forecasters are saying, I’ll be claiming more than a few vacation days next week.

Anyone wanna join me?

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