Basin Brawler for a day

Chico Norcal Skate Tournament 2010This past weekend I headed up with a few of my sister Tahoe Derby Dames to play in a derby tournament in Chico.  Since most of us hadn’t done much skating or practicing in a few months, it was emphasized that this was to be a friendly, no-pressure event.

Our team, the Basin Brawlers, was a mix of players from Tahoe and Reno, and we were up first against Redding in a 30 minute bout. Typically a derby bout lasts twice that long, but as the team that won this bout was to play Chico in a 40 minute bout, the first game was kept deliberately short so as to not totally exhaust the team that played twice.

Despite the ‘no pressure’ element, it was clear that all of us wanted to win, and while the first few scrimmages weren’t our most effective – we were, after all, literally just getting back into it – we quickly regrouped.  At the end of this first scrimmage, we were tied with Redding.  One final scrimmage, one with Redding’s point-scoring jammer in the box, and the Basin Brawlers won, 65-56.

Admittedly, our team was a wee bit tired by this point, so facing off against Chico’s fresh team felt a bit unfair, but with a few additional Redding players joining us, we figured we had a decent shot.   Given that I was thrown in as a jammer for the very first time, I’m pretty sure that I didn’t help us much in the point scoring department.  But I must admit, I really enjoyed it, even if I didn’t fully understand how the hell I was supposed to get through a pack of skaters who were out to clobber me.

In the end, combined with some other factors, the Basin Brawlers lost to Chico by 14 points.  While not ideal, we played a closer game than we have in the past, and also had one new player on the track, so all told, it turned out pretty well.

This was a very quick trip to the home of the ‘Harvard of the Cal State system’ (not my words, but those of a certain alumnus I know), so my sightseeing was limited to the Cal Skate, our hotel, a bar with a really bad DJ playing rave music, a burrito stand, and an awesome bakery (best latte I’ve had off Hwy 99 – fact).  I shouldn’t be too hard on myself, as we were there for a little more than 12 hours total.

I’ll have another chance to both see the town of Chico and skate there, as Tahoe has an away bout there in April.

4 thoughts on “Basin Brawler for a day

  1. what name did you skate under darling? i was at the bout and i agree that considering that you ladies had already skated a bout before you squared up to Nor Cal you all did an amazing job!! and Red Rock It scoring 18 pts in one jam, AWESOME.
    great match sister love!!

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