Rice cooker virgin

I have a confession to make.

I have never owned a rice cooker.

While I was bequeathed an electric kettle/hot pot when I left for college, a rice cooker (apparently another one of those ‘off to college’ gifts, along with extra-long sheets and a laundry basket) was a completely foreign concept.

Until now. It was an off-the-cuff comment on Gluten-Free Girl’s blog about cooking all grains in the rice cooker that encouraged me to plunk down $14 for the appliance on Amazon. I looked at it as an experiment.  If it meant fluffy quinoa, perfect rice and no-worry millet, well, that would be worth well more than what I paid.

And it did.  Tonight’s first quinoa was a success, and the oatmeal and brown rice have turned out just as perfect.

So, I’m hooked.  And curious to see what else I can cook in it.  Wheat berry salad anyone?

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