Roller Derby, Disco & Infernal Heat

In a fit of atypical behavior, I’m headed to Rollercon next week.  Which happens to be in Las Vegas.  In August. To be sure, I”m not super thrilled about heading to Southern Nevada in the summer  (“but it’s a DRY heat!”), but have small consolation in the fact that all the events & most of the scrimmages are indoors.  So I’ll only be in a semi-wilted state.

That said, I am excited.  I get such a buzz out of skating with our small(ish) team, so I’m guessing there will be exponentially more energy with 1500 derby folk.

In addition to skating clinics, scrimmages and seminars, there will be a roller derby disco night (warning: loud disco music), with appropriate dress highly recommended.  Being that I have no vintage 70s stuff suitable for a disco, I did the thrift store rounds today, and lucked out on this gem of an ‘ensemble’ at my favorite local vintage/thrift store.  Connie was good enough to keep the tags on this, which are almost groovier than the outfit itself.

Now my biggest issue will be finding a way to pack such that the stinky knee pads don’t contaminate this beauty.

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