Mid-summer skiing

Back in my 20’s, when I was filled with a bit more wonder and time on my hands, I made a list of 100 things I wanted to do before I die.  Skiing every month of the year was definitely on the list.  I don’t think this will be the year I tick this off, as I missed skiing in June, but over the Independence Day weekend, I did hit up Mammoth Mountain for a few spring summer turns.  I know Mammoth is known for staying open this late, but it was the first time I’d taken advantage of it.

Top of Mammoth

Me & my bro at the top of Mammoth

Conditions were damn good considering it was post-summer solstice – at least on the top half of the mountain.  The bottom half was a different story.  Due to the fact that it’s now JULY and much snow has melted even at 9000 feet, there were many narrow-ish ribbons of death that required skiers to make short turns, and anyone of middling expertise to risk flying off the snow into the dirt.  I’m betting that the Mammoth grooming team did that deliberately to ensure some shiggles on what turned out to be a very busy closing weekend.

While self-preservation dictated I leave once it got crowded mid-morning, I should have just camped out by the snow ribbons with a drink in hand.  No doubt it would have been very entertaining.

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