Tahoe Derby Dames 1st win of the season

Just got home from a marathon 3 day road trip to Coos Bay, Oregon for Rollerpalooza.  Which also happened to be my first derby bout.

It was a jam-packed weekend. Three states, 11 Tahoe skaters, 1 coach, 2 bench coaches, assorted family members, 19 hours of driving, and one bout, handily won by us 144-82.

To win my first bout was awesome, even more so because it was the Tahoe Derby Dames‘ first win of this season.   So the euphoria was well earned by my teammates who’d suffered through earlier defeats this season.  Plus it made the 9+ hour drive home a bit less painful.

The best news? The team we played this weekend is coming to Tahoe for our first home bout on June 26th.  So it could be a great bout for family, friends and fans to come watch.

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