Spontaneous banana bread

When one is faced with a bunch of overripe bananas, it’s only natural to think about making banana bread.  As I did yesterday in the hour I had between work & derby practice. It was either that or clean bathrooms, and baking is that much more fun.

However, when one has no eggs in the house, creative thinking is required.  Luckily, I remembered that I have a vegan cookbook, and sure enough, it has an egg-free banana bread recipe.  Quelle chance!

Not only did it not require eggs, but it had about 1/2 the sugar that most recipes require, and as a result, it’s more banana-y and less overpoweringly sweet than other banana bread recipes.  Nils loves it too – so much so that about a 1/4 of the loaf was polished off this morning alone.  But he can rest easy, as apparently the calorie count is a bit lower than your typical banana bread.

Between this and the ridiculously easy chile crusted tofu from the same cookbook, I’m realizing that vegan cooking and baking isn’t necessarily any harder or more time consuming.

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