Making hay while the snow (still) falls

Much to the chagrin of about half the local population, winter is just not ready to say goodbye.  This week brought more snow – and cold temps – to the area, leaving roads icy, open-toed sandal wearing women cold, mountain bikers frustrated, and powder loving skiers and snowboarders very happy.  As one of the latter, I only really had one opportunity to get out, so yesterday after work I convinced a friend to join the dog and I for a quick lap.

Admittedly we were both slightly skeptical about what snow we’d find on April 28th, even though Squaw Valley had been crowing about the 15″+ it had received on the upper mountain.  We quickly realized that there was a not-insignificant amount of snow.  Enough that we had to work a bit to break trail.

Skinning in powder

We opted for a lower angle pitch, and the snow was fluff on top of a nicely consolidated base.  Face shots were had by the dog, and while the humans didn’t get quite that, it was an elegant sufficiency, especially considering that some of us figured we’d seen our last powder day of the season last week.

As it snowed on and off again today, I’m very tempted to set the alarm for a dawn patrol tomorrow.  After all, the endless winter has got to end sometime, right?

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