Because I live in the mountains

A storm ‘of substance’ hit Lake Tahoe yesterday, bringing with it a few feet of wind and *hopefully* up to 2 feet of snow at the higher elevations.  Because the word ‘blizzard’ was bandied about, it made the news, further exciting people.  Since it’s come after a few weeks of mild weather, many people weren’t ‘ready’ for it, and I’ve heard a surprising number of complaints today.

I’m gobsmacked because while it may technically be spring here, any ‘local’ knows full well that snowstorms aren’t unusual in late March, mid April, heck even mid May.  I, for one, love the surprise snowstorms,  even if it brings with it the requisite snow shoveling, driving chaos and delays.  It’s a welcome sacrifice when powder snow is involved!

Snow angelSo, for all the unhappy people living at Lake Tahoe who want sun and warm temps and refuse to let history be their guide, instead of telling you to quit yer bitchin’ or move to Sacramento, which is what my cranky side would tell you, I’m going to try to be nice and put a positive spin on things by sharing a snow angel with you.  I made it especially for all you snow-haters this afternoon, as I was out in the snowstorm skiing in untracked snow with the mutt.

Enjoy it, as it was not easy to make while wearing cross-country skis.

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