Musical nostalgia

You know how a certain song can be so strongly tied to a particular memory no matter the time that’s passed? The one that can throw you into a reverie without you realizing it?

For me, Deelite’s Power of Love takes me back to a particular time in college in the early ’90s when I first started wearing Doc Martens with my thrift store dresses, going to clubs on Lansdowne Street with friends far groovier than I was, and generally trying to figure out what direction I was heading in.

I can tell you one thing. Whatever direction I was envisioning then, it didn’t include me listening to said song on my iPod as I climbed up a mountain at Lake Tahoe.   I thought about that me today as I was skinning, trying to reconcile that person with the me today.

There are commonalities between then and now, but the me now is one focused on living life to the fullest (including a fair bit of outdoor adventure), whereas the me then defined outdoor adventure as walking home from the bars after the T stopped running.

However, I do see the old me in the multiple pairs of Doc Martens I own, and the vintage dress collection I’ve amassed over the years.  So I still have parts of the old me, albeit in a slightly compartmentalized section of my closet.

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