A day of firsts

Yesterday I took the day off and hit Kirkwood with Nils.  With over a foot of new snow in 24 hours, and double that in the past 2 days, we figured it would make for a good day.  It actually made for a surprisingly epic day, with knee to thigh deep blower powder, face shots, and not a lot of people to share it with.

Powder of this sort makes for soft landings, and Nils encouraged me to try a few steeper aspects that I typically don’t do.  With soft runouts, near-cliffy stuff is surprisingly fun, and I now understand the appeal.

Make no mistake, I’m still a gaper at heart, and I proved that in spades on a traverse out to the Palisades earlier in the day.  Somehow I managed to fly off the traverse at speed, cratering just below the track.  I think I caught one of my phat ski edges on the uphill side of the track, and it happened too fast for me to make any attempt at recovery.  Luckily I provided some amusement for the folks behind me, though Nils was too far back to actually see the fail in action.

Feeling like a class A rookie, I insisted we go back on the next run so I could redeem myself and get through the traverse without wiping out.  I did, and was as proud of that ‘accomplishment’ as any other of the day’s firsts.

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