Signs of fatigue

With spring like temperatures and the hordes of people this holiday weekend, finding winter-like snow without a ton of folks to share it with has been challenging, but not impossible.  The rule of thumb, or injured finger in my case, has been northerly facing aspects that aren’t near the backcountry icons (i.e. Tallac, Jake’s Peak, Carson Pass).

Today’s back country adventure took us to Red Lake Peak, near Carson Pass.  Our Colorado friends were impressed.  Expansive scenery? Check.  Good snow? Check.  Steep skiing? Yup.  The natural amphitheater of cliffs and steep lines by Crater Lake had our friends planning a return trip later this week.

Despite the very accessible trailhead on Highway 88, we saw very few people today.  Apparently this is rare in Colorado, further impressing our friends.

Overall, the 3500 odd feet of vertical today was surprisingly good.  Slightly wind affected powder at the top, turning to soft powder/corn snow lower down, with a smidgen of refrozen snowmobile tracks before we reached the car.

Were I not so tired after 3 days of consecutive back country skiing, I might have considered another lap today – or tomorrow. As it stands, I’m perfectly happy to enjoy the photos from the weekend and let my legs recover from the nearly 10,000 feet of climbing and skiing I’ve done this weekend.

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