My idea of heaven

We’ve made some new friends this week, a very cool couple from Colorado who are on a two month ski safari through the west. They’re tele skiers too – who rip, and who enjoy skiing the same types of terrain that Nils and I love.  We actually met them in Mammoth last weekend, and after two full days of tearing around the mountain, recognized the kindred-ski spirits in them, and invited them to play in Tahoe with us.

It’s been a blast.  While I’ve not been able to take much time off during the week, today we hit a north facing peak near our house, one that is still holding some surprisingly good winter snow despite the recent warming trend.  Skiing steep lines with Lake Tahoe in view is something that will never cease to awe and amaze me.

After 4000+ of vertical today, I’m now being treated to champagne risotto with scallops by our friends, who are talented cooks as well as talented skiers.  And since I managed to remove a chunk of my finger while using my new mandolin slicer sans chopping guard (shut up everyone – I *know* how stupid that was), I’m also relieved from dish washing duty.

Skiing, good food and I’m not cooking or cleaning?   If that’s not a perfect day, I’m not sure what is.

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