Powder birthday

So the snow did arrive; up to 8 feet fell on the Tahoe region during the week of my birthday. It was a long overdue powder celebration (and then some), for me along with everyone else at Lake Tahoe.

I made the most of it with Nils, skiing Sierra-at-Tahoe on the high wind days when other resorts were shut down, then hitting Heavenly after it had been virtually closed for two days.  With the new Voile Drifters (121 mm underfoot,
baby!) I felt invincible.  There is no speed limit on those skis.  Better than the unlimited speed however were the face shots, of which these skis gave me plenty.

With the resorts slayed by the hordes of powder hungry skiers by Friday, we knew it was time for some backcountry exploration on the weekend.   Cold temps and a low snow levels meant that we could consider a few lower trailheads, one of which we’d never attempted before.    With some Ttips friends as guides, we found some of the most epic backcountry conditions I have ever encountered in the Lake Tahoe basin.  Full stop.   Over 4000 feet of knee + deep snow.

Want proof?  Well, how about these? (all photos courtesy of Sierra Fred)




Not stopping

So worth missing the Eddie Izzard concert in Oakland that night!

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