Who, me, an expert?

Both my mother and grandmother are extremely talented in anything related to the home crafts – cooking, sewing, knitting, etc.  While I was introduced to many of these activities as a child, I’m middling at best at most of them, with cooking being the one thing that I don’t totally suck at.  I’m merely passable there when compared to these two women, whose collective years of experience are quadruple to mine.

So today’s phone call came as a bit of a shock.  My grandmother and mother were making hummus (something I make regularly, as it and tortilla chips are staples for me & N), and called me for some advice.  While my jaw didn’t hit the floor, it came pretty darn close.  Me, an expert in hummus creation? Who knew?

I’m now a bit worried that I’ll start to see dogs and cats playing together, or some other near impossibility.

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