Winter Break

We spent last week feting the holidays in Bend, where our impeccable timing meant we found fresh powder on Tuesday, and saw the sun and powder on the summit of Mt. Bachelor on Thursday.  While I’ve skied here numerous times, it has always been during storms, so I’ve never seen the top of the mountain, let alone skied it.

The top was fun, albeit a mix of hardpack glare ice where winds had blown the snow off and kneedeep powder where said snow had collected.  There were a few steeper pitches, but overall it was pretty gentle terrain – with great views of the Sisters.  I found it amusing that there was an employee at the bottom of the Summit chair warning people that there was no groomed runs and it was for experts only.  I realize there’s a punter factor at every resort, especially at this time of year, but this seemed excessively cautious.

But that might be because I’m a proponent of the Darwin school of thought, letting only the smartest survive.

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