Got Snow?

Bare dirt 2 days ago

Whether it’s truly El Nino or just snow dances paying off in spades, Lake Tahoe got hit hard by a snowstorm yesterday and today.  It’s a much needed boost, both in terms of the snow pack and general attitude, for it’s a lot easier to get excited about winter and ski season when things are actually covered in snow.

Despite all the giddiness about powder snow, I didn’t ski at the resorts today.  Yes, there is 3 feet of new snow at the higher elevations, but there was a lot of bare dirt (and rocks) at the ski resorts before this storm, so I’d rather wait until there’s a better payoff.  And lower risk of hitting a rock and hurting my already decrepit self.

Instead, the dog and I explored our meadow, which just a few days ago was bare dirt in many places.  I spent an hour breaking trail in light and pristine shin deep snow, then enjoyed the fruits of my labors and skied back on said track.

Heck, I was so blissed out by the new snow that I didn’t even say anything rude to the lazy-ass chick who was walking in my ski track.  Talk about her lucky day.

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