Old married couple

Begrudging truce

We’re dog sitting for friends this week.  Their lab, Otis, is about Soleil’s age, but has pretty much submitted to her since they first met.  When at our place, this translates into us regularly shooing Soleil off his enormous bed, as Otis won’t get on it if she’s on it (and it’s so much more attractive to her than her relatively small bed). In many respects the two behave like a dysfunctional married couple, alternating who gets to play the role of curmudgeon.

This morning it appears that a truce was called.  It could be due in part to the cold temps (16F) and the fact that the bed is near a heat vent.  Regardless, it’s a small step forward for the two of them.  We may not need to take them to counseling after all.
Who knows? They might one day reach the same level of harmony as Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder did oh so many years ago.

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