Kitchen Sink Risotto

With a bunch of seemingly random things in the fridge – mascarpone cheese, crimini mushrooms, spinach & cherry tomatoes, I figured a hearty risotto would find a way to bind them all together.  Thankfully I have ridiculous quantities of arborio rice in the cupboard (who, me, a hoarder?).

It’s been awhile since I made a proper risotto – the one where you add broth in half-cup quantities and stir it in until the liquid evaporates.  It’s hard on the wrists, especially after said wrists have had a 20 some odd mile mountain bike ride (including falling off said bike).  My initial inclination was to call it ‘carpal tunnel risotto’, but I figured that wouldn’t be very enticing.  Not that kitchen sink is any better, but at least this moniker allows for a lot of creativity.
And this particular version was creamy and flavorful – just the kind of ‘nearly autumn’ dinner that I crave this time of year.

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