Making Whoopie….

Making Whoopie....

pies, that is (this is a family friendly blog after all!).

With the overabundance of zucchini at the farmer’s market, I decided to experiment with a Gourmet recipe for whoopie pies that had caught my eye.  Since I still had a small vat of chocolate powdered sugar frosting left over from a friend’s birthday cake, I used that instead of cream cheese frosting. Call it the whoopie pie equivalent of zucchini chocolate chip cake.

Despite accidentally overlooking the baking soda, they were really tasty.  The zucchini was noticeable in a good way, as I used the food processor to grate them, thus resulting in larger pieces than I think the recipe originally called for.  I omitted the nuts this time, but would definitely include them in the future, as I think that’ll add to the texture.

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