I’m Skating Tomorrow

I just learned this evening that I’ll be on the roster for tomorrow’s (final) home bout for the Tahoe Derby Dames.  I’m stoked, but also a wee bit scared, given that I’ve not skated a whole bunch in the past few weeks, and as such, my skating, hitting and blocking skillz aren’t quite where I’d like them to be.

However, it’s my last chance of the season to play, so despite my confidence issues, I figure if I channel all my anger about the ignorance and stupidity surrounding this health care debate (don’t get me started on the death panels thing and the retarded men who feel they need to carry friggin GUNS to these town halls) I should be able to take down a few roller girls.

That’s my secret weapon – hating stupidity.  I figure it can easily fuel my adrenaline for a few 2 minute jams.  ‘Cause that’s the only option I’ve got right now.


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