What Epic Looks Like

Approaching the last climb in big meadow

Last weekend I convinced N that I was mentally ready to tackle a longer mountain bike ride, one that he’d done a few times in the past, and one that I really wanted to try. For someone of my fitness level, this sort of ride requires the comfort of a geared, full-suspension bike, so I traded up from my single-speed for the day.

Our route started at the Tahoe Rim Trail Kingsbury – Big Meadow segment at the Stagecoach Lodge parking lot, and ended up at our house.  In between we rode 41 miles, with 5,100 feet of climbing and 6,200 feet of descent.  For the statisticians out there, the ride can be broken down into the following summary:

  • Number of wildflowers seen = a bazillion
  • Number of llamas seen = 2
  • Number of calories burned = over 3,000
  • Number of rounds of applause I received = 1 (by a group towards the last descent who learned how far we’d ridden)

Overall it was a spectacular day, and was made much more pleasant by the moderate temps and blooming wildflowers. While it’s likely not going to be a weekly ride for me, I’m definitely planning on doing more 30+ mile rides in the future.  With or without the llama sightings.

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