Excessive Decadence

When a friend asked me to bring dessert to a July 4th BBQ this weekend, I immediately thought of brownies.  They’re a great match for grilled food, and are eminently portable, which was key since we were planning on riding our bikes over.  Pies and fancy cakes couldn’t handle the Tahoe bike paths (and my penchant for hitting potholes).

I have an enormous collection of brownie recipes, but there was one that I’d been wanting to try for awhile, a recipe from Dorie Greenspan for her chipster brownies.  Essentially these are cookie-topped brownies, because chocolate brownies aren’t enough on their own.

I stayed pretty true to the recipe, though I did have to use butterscotch chips in the cookie batter as I ran out of chocolate chips, and omitted the cup of walnuts in deference to a friend’s allergies.  That and there was a smidgen of whole wheat flour in the brownies in lieu of white flour. They still turned out pretty damn well though, if I say so myself

My friends were sufficiently awed by the dessert.  I was too.  They’re definitely a make-again recipe, though I’ll likely cut them into smaller pieces, as they are very rich.

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