Green Pollen, Warm Weather = Allergy Hell

The tree pollen has landed.  Literally.  Within the past few days, every pine tree in the region appears to be dropping its pollen simultaneously, leaving cars, driveways and sleeping dogs covered in a pale green film.  If a breeze kicks up it means green clouds in the street, which is fun to watch if you’re in the confines of a car or house with closed window.  Less so if you’re riding your bike through it.

On top of this pollen, a heat wave of sorts has hit South Lake Tahoe, with temps well into the 80s.  With few homes in the area with air conditioning, this means that keeping the windows closed to keep the pollen out is simply not an option.   Pollen vs. heat – it’s really a case of the lesser of two evils.  So I keep the windows open and accept that I’m miserable and can’t breathe.

Yesterday I tried to beat the ridiculous heat and left the house early to ride uphill. While I felt pretty feeble and slow on the climb, I did have the satisfaction of passing 2 guys (one my age) on the ride down.  Admittedly they appeared to be more of the roadie types (local road cycling club spandex tops, obvious discomfort on the sandy bits), but still – I passed them and made them eat my dust!!

I may suck horribly riding uphill, but my downhill skills have to be improving. Think of the possibilities once the pollen goes away!


5 thoughts on “Green Pollen, Warm Weather = Allergy Hell

  1. Ugh. I feel you. I'm on Claritan and Sudafed during the day to combat the itchy eyes and Benedryl at night so I can sleep. I would like to know how swimming was monday and whether or not it was the cluster that I anticipated (thus, why I went running).

  2. Drugs = good. Benadryl & Zantac are my friends. Along with an inhaler!I slept in on Monday – missed swim. Have had 2 moles hacked off today so I'm out of the water for another week. Carol did say it was only 3 to a lane – and she was the only strong swimmer – so it's not as bad as I expected. Show up and help stave off the newbs for me until I can return to the chlorine!

  3. Janet said Jerry is clearly pissed and he just wrote a really awful workout on the board (4 x 400, 1 x 500) and told everyone to do whatever they wanted. haha.

  4. Janet said that he said he'd "received feedback from the college" that no one liked him running the sets together and being stopped and so he was just going to write the workout on the board and we could do what we wanted. Also, apparently the college has decided this is a "distance" swimming class so he's only going to give distance workouts. No, didn't go. About to head out to run 18 miles. Long long way. Ugh.

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