Attempts at Creativity

I’ve had many intentions of posting my latest cooking experiment, but the millet feta patties never quite ‘pattied’, and ended up a tasty but ugly mess.  And the balsamic reduction over grilled fruit wasn’t that pretty.  That and we’d finished it before I’d remembered the camera.

With my conference now over and a very slight lull before some other projects (and vacation planning), I’m at a loss for exciting adventures to post.  It’s settled into a routine again – work, play, eat, sleep – and I’m not inspired enough to make my characteristic cynical observations.  Maybe it’s the continued rain & clouds? I say I like the change from the incessant sunshine, but maybe the greyness is taking its toll.  In any case….

Our weekend was slightly stymied by the early onset of clouds & drizzle on Saturday, so we opted for a hike instead of a mountain bike ride.  We headed to the Desolation Wilderness to see how snowy the trail to Lake Aloha was.  It was mostly clear to the last half mile, and we would have explored further had the sleet and hail not hit us hard.  Since we had the dog with us, and she doesn’t have a rain jacket – oh the humanity – we turned back.  It was a little under 13 miles, which is a decent hike, but not one that should have wiped the mutt out like it did.

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